Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Halloween

Today was awesome. My whole day was spent with family. After breakfast this morning we headed out to buy some goodies at the Bake Sale that my oldest was having to raise money for his Robotics team. While we were there we got to see some old friends which was nice. After lunch we went to the nursing home to visit my Poppop (my grandfather) and attend the Halloween party. The kids had lots of fun and seeing the smile on Poppops face made my whole day. He has always loved Halloween and today was no different. After dinner we headed out to trick or treat, stopping at all our normal stops and seeing friends and family along the way. Watching my kids enjoying the holiday and getting to see some rarely seen friends made today hard to top......but it does get better. One of my favorite shows is on tonight.....Ghosthunters. And they are LIVE from Ft. Delaware which I can practically see from my house. I wish everyday could be this good.....and I hope that you had a great Halloween too!


Kristina P. said...

No Pictures? :(

Denise said...

Unfortunatly we didnt take the camera, but we did get one pic of the boys dressed in their Spiderman costumes. Hopefully tomorrow we will get that loaded.

Deb said...

sounds like a perfect day. we didn't get any pics of our festivities, either!

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