Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We turned the heat on this morning. My plan was to wait as long as we could before we turned it on, because oil cost more than gold nowadays. I bundle the boys up and they each have several blankets on their beds. Then we wear sweats all day, for comfort and for warmth. Hubby came home from working the overnight shift, woke me and said it was cold and he wanted to turn the heat on. In my still-asleep mind, that seemed like a good idea. Now that I am awake and thinking clearly, I wish I had said no. Once the heat is on, its on. So goodbye money. We didnt have much of you to begin with but now it will be even less. And come Christmas morning when the boys have big boxes of warm air to open, we will all remember that I wanted to wait to turn the heat on.


jewelstreet said...

lol. He couldn't wait at our house either though I made him set it really really low. Have you tried putting plastic around your windows? We did it this year, and I've heard it helps a lot.

Denise said...

Plastic on the windows is a good idea. We havent tried that yet, but I do remember my parents doing that when I was growing up. I will have to see what hubby thinks about the idea.

Deb said...

no KIDDING! i go through that same thought process every fall/winter, as i remember the trauma of paying the gas bill every month. i may try the plastic around the windows this year, too. i can stand by the windows and feel the breeze! but i love my old wooden windows and i don't want to replace them. not that i could afford to, even if i wanted to!

Mom said...

Don't worry, it will be fine just put it is God's hands and he will help you pay the heating bill. Plus you know when we get there the heat will be on hotter than any of you like. John promised. LOL

Amy said...

Plastic REALLY helps. It stops the breeze coming through cracks. I am so glad that heat is included in my rent!!

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