Monday, October 20, 2008

My lifeguard

Do you ever feel like you ask too much from God? I pray constantly throughout my day, about everything whether it is big or small. I have learned (and Im still learning) that I need to hand over any problem because I can not handle it alone. I also go to God with all my joys, big and small. Because He is the one who sends those joys my way. And believe me, I know that everything in my life is a blessing that He gave to me...there are no other explanations. Here lately I have been wondering if you can ask God for too much and if so, how much is too much? I dont ask for my son's team to win the soccer game or that we win the lottery, but I have on occasion asked for guidance or direction in finding a missing blankie (ok, I admit that happens more than occasionally). Is that wrong? I dont think so. I think God wants us to depend on him completely, no matter how small, He wants to be our Go-To-Guy. I have felt guilty in the past for praying for small things because Me praying for my little ones runny nose to get better just doesnt seem to compare to someone who may be praying for a loved one who is dying of cancer. In our minds, those dont compare....but I believe that God doesnt compare them. I believe he takes both requests seriously and answers them. It may not be the answer we want but He always knows what is best. So if you dont pray regularly, give it a might be surprised how much better you feel unloading all that stuff that weighs you down.


Ray Jaquett said...

Today's blog was great. You answered your question. God dose answer every prayer little or big. Like you said, he might not answer the way you want, but shore he listens to the big and also the little prayers. It is also great that you go to God with your blessings too. Love you and miss you. Dad

Mom said...


Deb said...

excellent advice!

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