Friday, October 10, 2008

Pie Maker

I have a pie in the is an Orange Sponge pie. I took one of my favorite recipes (Lemon Sponge Pie) and tweaked it. I wont know how it turns out until after dinner tonight. I have to admit I rarely make pie. Which is terrible considering my hubby LOVES pie more than most things in the world. I do however make lots of cakes, because Im lazy and they come in boxes. Hubby hates cake. But today as I was preparing the pie to be baked I made myself a promise to make at least one pie each month for hubby. He is a nice guy and he works hard, so I suppose he deserves a treat once in awhile.


Deb said...

you're not going to share the recipe??? well, if you made your own crust, i'm not interested in it anyway.

you're a good wife. i'll be sure to check in on you next month to see if you are keeping your word!

Denise said...

Deb- the idea of homemade pie crust gives me nightmares, lol. I admit I only use those wonderful pre-made and rolled up crusts that come in a box. God Bless whoever came up with that idea. And I will post the recipe tonight or tommorrow when I have a few more minutes. I also wanted to thank you for follwing me....I was pretty excited to see I now have 2 followers :-) Happy Friday

Ray said...

Your hubby needs a pie once a month. Maybe you make such good cakes is that your Daddy did. Love Dad

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