Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have to go to the doctors this morning. But there is nothing new or unusual about that, really. I spend way too much time between my PCP and my 2 specialists. I think at this point I should have a frequent patient discount card. My insurance company thinks otherwise, they still make me pay $30 a visit. This depresses me since most visits are 10 minutes long and consist of "How are you feeling? and How is the medicine working?" Well HECK, I could tell them that on the phone or email....but NO they wont allow that. So off I go to drop another $30 and have a bitch session....Hey wait! Maybe I should start treating these visits like therapy and really get my moneys worth. Then they would be so sick of listening to me that they would NOT make me come back as often. Just an idea.

PS....It sucks to have a chronic illness

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