Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Flushing Fear

I am almost afraid to admit this, but it is too funny not to share. My middle son is afraid of public toilets. He has a germ phobia and loud noises scare him, so that creepy combo sets us up for lots of laughs. Today while we were at Walmart he told me he needed to go poop. As he was sitting on the toilet he leaned forward and the automatic flusher apparently thought he had gotten up because it flushed. My poor child almost died on the spot with all that noise and the water rushing beneath him. I was trying not to laugh and trying to get him to stay on the toilet. He just barely caught his breath before it flushed again. Then he jumps off the toilet with you-know-what half hanging out. I could not get him to sit down again, so believe me when I say that was an awkward mess to clean. I am SO glad I took him to the potty because if he did that with Daddy Im not so sure they both would have come out of that bathroom in one piece.


Mom said...

OMG ROFLMAO Can you say Tootsi Roll...... Our own little secret but you were not affraid that is for sure. Thanks for a big laugh at the end of a very long day.

Amy said...

OMG! That is as funny as the story of Jacob Mooning the pre-k class!!

Coco said...

I know this is an older post but I am laughing so hard. I can only imagine! You poor lady.

Red Dahlia said...

Ha ha ha! My son is potty training and I can just picture him doing the same thing. Poor guy! Hopefully he isn't traumatized for life.

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