Friday, October 10, 2008

Brotherly love

Everyday I learn more and more about the bond between brothers. I know that I have heard stories from my parents about how I worshiped my older brother and followed him around like a brainwashed cult member....but I dont remember that at all. In fact, Im not sure I would follow him out of a burning building but we wont go into all that my two youngest are only about 20 months apart. This means that the youngest thinks his older brother is the smartest, funniest, most interesting person EVER. He wants what big brother wants, he says what big brother says, get the hint. Well recently my middle son is going through a stage (Oh, please God let it be a temporary stage!!!) where he is scared of just about everything. One example is the Disney Cars movie. My boys have seen this movie enough times to break a world record. But now my middle son is scared to death of the movie....and all of the Cars toys, pictures, cups, etc that we have around the house. On the other hand, my youngest still LOVES Cars and now he is caught in a postion between the love of his favorite movie and his admiration for his all-knowing big brother. Just this morning as they were eating breakfast my middle son tells me that he cannot drink from his cup (it has pictures of Lightning McQueen on it) because it "freaks him out". We spent the next 5 minutes searching for a cup that doesnt have any Cars characters OR the colors red or blue because they also remind him of the terribly frightening Cars movie....oh ok, whatever. I finally get him settled away with a nice plain green cup and then my youngest decides that he needs to be just like brother......and he chirps up and tells me that his sippy cup "Freaks Me UP!" Good thing for me that as soon as big brother left the room he continued to use his "freaky" Cars sippy cup. I guess brother-worship only applies if the older brother is in the same room?

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