Monday, October 6, 2008

boardwalk fighting

ooohhhh ok, so I want to talk about "those" people and their embarrassing kids. You know who Im talking about....the ones with the kids who are loud and fight in public. No matter what the parents try to do, the kids really seem like they are running the show. We have all seen these kids while we were out shopping or at an amusement park or maybe on tv. Well, this past summer two of "those" kids were riding amusement rides at the Jersey Shore. Oh boy, that little one was spunky....he and his older brother were riding in the backseat of a kiddie boat and they were fighting over who would ring the bell. You would think that the bigger one would win the fight, but that little guy gave him a run for his money....he was screaming, hitting and pulling hair while his brother screamed and hit back. I just knew one of those little terrors were going to fall out of that boat. Everyone around the whole kiddie ride were watching these two to see how bad it was going to get...and did I mention their mom? She was screaming at the top of her lungs, desperate to get them to stop fighting but unable to reach them because they were floating on this kiddie boat ride. And the father, he was beside himself....totally embarrassed and mad beyond mad. People were pointing and laughing, all watching those boys with that "glad they're not my kids" look.....oh yeah, it was something to see.....and did I mention they were my beautiful, normally well-behaved boys? See, it can happen to any of us....and by the way, my DH is still mortified. Wish me luck getting him back to the Jersey Shore.

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