Monday, October 20, 2008

BBQ Heaven

I'm feeling much better this morning, so I want to tell you about our fabulous Saturday outing. Hubby and I took the little ones to the Delaware State BBQ championships in Dover, DE. It was held on the infield of Dover Speedway. We went last year and had fun so we didnt want to miss it this hubby has a serious BBQ fetish. The weather was cold, windy and very cloudy. But we bundled up and headed south anyway! Our first stop was to get lunch....ribs, brisket and chicken fingers. Both little ones tried the ribs and loved them (which made me with wish we hadnt bought those stupid $6 chicken fingers), messy fingers and all. Then we made our way over to Lightning McQueen, where they were able to sit in the drivers seat and have their pictures taken. Then it was over to the Bungee jump (not the jump off a cliff kind). Once they had their harnesses on, they took turns being hooked up and hoisted up. They jumped and jumped until their faces hurt from smiling too much. It was so funny and so much fun to watch. Then we walked through a few RV's that were for sale. Clifford the Big Red Dog Bounce House was next....and the whole time they were jumping I was trying to convince my husband that we NEED a bounce house for our yard....but he wasnt buying it. After eating s'mores and another turn in the bounce house it was off to get hubby more BBQ....after all, it was a BBQ festival. He also bought some BBQ to take home for dinner. It was getting late, so we decided to head to the car show that was on pit road and then we headed home. It was the most fun and exhausting day we have had in a long, long time.

P.S. We had ribs for dinner that night...surprise, surprise!


jewelstreet said...

I didn't know there was BBQ contest in Dover. I only live an hour or so south of Dover.

Deb said...

no WONDER you woke up with a headache the next day! just kidding... sounds like a great (and yummy) day. mmmmmm....bbq.

Mom said...

I want some BBQ, but I will settle for the yummy molassis cookies that you and the kids hand made and sent to us in the mail. I just ate one and so did you dad. (We did have dinner yet either).. LOL
Love you, Muah!!!

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