Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My mornings are filled with loud, hungry boys. They never seem to amaze me how loud or how hungry they can get. I keep wondering how we will afford to feed these bottomless pits when they reach their teen years. Besides being famished they are also super-charged after a night of sleep. That means they bounce off the walls unless I find them a nice activity to use up their overabundance of energy. I wonder if little girls are this hyped up and crazy? I know girls are over-dramatic and moody and that they are capable of playing quietly with dolls. Boys dont play quiet, EVER. When they are quiet it means they are doing something that they arent supposed to do. Wow...perfect youngest just came in the room covered in ink so that just proves my point because he was quiet for about 2 minutes. Well, off I go to get him de-inked.

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Laurel said...

My boys are now in teenagehood, and our food bill is outrageous. My hubby and I were lamenting on how we are going to keep them feed with all they eat. If they were heavy I would not feel as guilty but my boys are skinny rails and they eat as much fruit as they do cookies, so it is not all junk food.

It is unbelievable. Hope the ink did not stain =)

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