Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It is 1:30, which in my house means Naptime. Oh yes, that is my favorite part of the day for so many reasons. Anyone who knows me knows that I nap alot, pretty much every day. My illness robs me of precious energy that most people take for granted, and my afternoon naps make it possible for me to continue on and finish my day. Besides naptime helping me to re-gain some lost energy it also gives my frazzled mommy nerves a few quiet moments to calm down. For over an hour there is no one calling "Mommy!" "Mommy!!" and that silence is golden. I have been thinking alot about everything that I could get done if I didnt nap every afternoon, and here are some of my ideas.......I could clean my house, read a book, finish my sewing projects, take an online college course, call a friend, clean my house (oops, already said that....but my house is messy enough to mention twice), do my christmas shopping online, watch a grown up television show, etc, etc, etc....You get the idea. Just the thought of getting some of those things done makes me perk up and feel like making a checklist. But that would mean I have to get off this couch and right now Im just too tired to do that. So I will assume my position on this couch and Nap like the pro that I am. Sweet dreams ;-)

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Mom said...

The more sleep you get the better your body will feel and mend itself. No worries just keep feeling better.. I Love you,

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