Friday, May 28, 2010

Answered Prayers

God blessed me in a BIG way....head over to my other blog to see how!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Want some?!?

Strawberry Shortcake Pictures, Images and Photos

I love Strawberry season in the great state of NJ!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A HUGE Favor

I am reaching out to my Blog friends to please come together in prayer.....I need your help. Please read about it HERE at my other blog.

I love you all! Thank you!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


0901 blankets Pictures, Images and Photos

Someone at the nursing home had given Poppop a handmade crochet blanket. It laid on his bed and he used it to keep warm on many occasions. That blanket was over him the day he passed away. The next morning when we went to the Funeral Home they gave me the blanket. I hugged it all the way home and for a long time afterwards. Now that blanket is in my bedroom.

After being with Poppop at the end I couldn't help but wonder about all the people who pass away in nursing homes all alone. So many have no visitors or family. I said to hubby that I wish I could do something for them, but with the boys being young I can't spend time with them like some of them need. The next best thing I could think of was to start crocheting blankets. I learned to crochet when I was a kid but it has been so long that I forgot. But thanks to Youtube I re-learned and am now working on my first lap blanket. I plan to make plenty of them to give to the residents of the nursing home.

Today J asked what I was doing and I told him about my plan. I said some of the people there don't have family to visit and I hope that the blankets will cheer them up. J said " So that means that now with Poppop in Heaven we will get a new one from the nursing home?" But I guess it was a sweet thought.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Sorry. My blog is still a mess. A real mess. I CANNOT figure out how to fix it aside from moving all my sidebars to the bottom. Which isnt really a "cure" but at least now the ppl using I.E. can view it. If anyone out there is a blog genius and thinks they can help PLEASE contact me.

Anyhoo...... I am asking you to please join me over at my new blog. My new blood, sweat and tears blog. The one where I tell my secrets and bare my soul.'s a little painful but it is something I need to do. So please humor me and head over there......CLICK HERE

Monday, May 10, 2010

Of all the things I have lost....I miss my Mind the most

I hope everyone had a great Mothers Day weekend! My boys woke me up yesterday morning to give me a card and chocolate....and we had gone to lunch the day before, so I had an awesome Mothers Day.Saturday we took my parents to the airport but it wasn't as hard to say goodbye this time because they will be back in a month for C's high school graduation. I still have a hard time believing my first baby is old enough to graduate. But I am so proud of him! He did awesome in HS, and got accepted into several colleges. I am so thankful that he chose one that is close to home (that's the Mom in me not wanting my baby to go far away, lol) His will be majoring in Organic Chemistry......and believe me, he did NOT get his brains from me.

OK, here is the part where I tell you the incredibly dumb thing I did this weekend. I had gotten an invitation to a home party for 6pm on Saturday. I took a shower, got dressed and drove to my friends house. Only her and her husbands cars were there so I immediately figured I had screwed up. But I pulled into the driveway and got out anyway. Her husband was working in the garage so I started talking with him while their son when to get her. Of course she was clueless about a party....she wasn't having one, not even on a different day. Crap! So I apologized and we all laughed. Then I headed home embarrassed and certain that I have lost my mind.
(I found my invite after I got home and saw that it was actually my sister in law who was having the party.....I hope she isn't upset that I didn't show up)

So what did you do for Mother's Day weekend??

And please go check out my new blog

AND stop over to Ca-Joh's blog to help celebrate his 300th post.....HERE

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I need help fixing my blog.....anybody?!? Please?!?!???1?

My blog is screwy. Everytime I look at it, it frustrated me even more. My middle and right columns show up BELOW my left hand column. Does ANYONE out there know why that is? Or how to fix it?? Please help me!?!

Even if you can't help me fix it you can still do this.......visit my new "other" blog


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My new normal

This is the first time I have felt like blogging. Life is settling down, returning to normal. Not exactly normal, but a "new" normal. This new normal includes lots of reality checks. I find myself going through my day and still including Poppop in my thoughts and plans. Like the other day when I rode past the ice cream stand and thought that I should get a strawberry shake for Poppop.....then corrected myself. It's like I forget for a split-second.......only a split-second. Is that normal? I start to plan my day thinking that I need to head up to the nursing home first, then remember that I never have to go back again. Does anyone else do that?!? How long before I don't include Poppop in my everyday life??

My parents are still here with me, which is awesome. They have been a big help to me. They help with the kids and with household chores. Most of all its nice to have them here just so they are here. You know, when you lose someone you love you want to pull your other loved ones closer.
The boys are doing well adjusting. They know that Poppop is in Heaven with Jesus. I'm really glad my kids can understand that and be comforted by it. God definitely set things in motion within the last year to provide us with what we needed to get through this loss. He has given me a new church family and new friends that are here for me in amazing ways.
So that's new normal, which looks a whole lot like the old normal. Its just empty in a few spots.

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