Sunday, May 16, 2010


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Someone at the nursing home had given Poppop a handmade crochet blanket. It laid on his bed and he used it to keep warm on many occasions. That blanket was over him the day he passed away. The next morning when we went to the Funeral Home they gave me the blanket. I hugged it all the way home and for a long time afterwards. Now that blanket is in my bedroom.

After being with Poppop at the end I couldn't help but wonder about all the people who pass away in nursing homes all alone. So many have no visitors or family. I said to hubby that I wish I could do something for them, but with the boys being young I can't spend time with them like some of them need. The next best thing I could think of was to start crocheting blankets. I learned to crochet when I was a kid but it has been so long that I forgot. But thanks to Youtube I re-learned and am now working on my first lap blanket. I plan to make plenty of them to give to the residents of the nursing home.

Today J asked what I was doing and I told him about my plan. I said some of the people there don't have family to visit and I hope that the blankets will cheer them up. J said " So that means that now with Poppop in Heaven we will get a new one from the nursing home?" But I guess it was a sweet thought.


Kristina P. said...

I think that is great! What a great way to pay it forward.

M-Cat said...

Look at you! Love your idea

Mom said...

That is such a loving gift to give to those who have no one to visit them. Everyone loves a blanket and these will be a symbol of your love passed on to them till thier time is up. You are such a giving person and now you are going to add to your gifts another one. I love this idea and am sure the people wo get one fron you will feel your love.

Ash said...

Oh sweet Denise - this is brilliant!

Angel said...

What a great idea. So sweet and I know in the end you will be blessed too.

Mimi said...

What a great idea!

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