Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yesterday my youngest son asked to wear big boy underpants. This brought me some very mixed emotions. The rational side of me jumped for joy thinking that he might be interested enough to actually potty train, therefore we would be able to stop buying diapers. Then the mommy in me took over with a gut wrenching dread that my baby boy wont be a baby much longer. Dont say it's time for another one, believe me if I was a little younger and a lot healthier I would have liked one more (especially if it was another boy)....but it is what it is and I cant have any more children. I did in fact put a pair of undies on him and he was so proud. He dribbled a bit and stopped himself, which shocked me and made me very happy. But that was last night.....and he still hasnt actually "gone" on the potty. Today he is all about the diapers saying he doesnt like big boy pants.....so the mommy in me won this battle. At least for a few more months.


Mom Mom said...

You don't need to worry about not having any more babies. You would get a girl on the next try for sure. LOL

Hugs, I love you, and you know how much I wanted you to have a little girl.

Deb said...

i am going through the same emotions. i bought a new pair of sneakers for my oldest and i almost fainted... size 12... as in MEN'S size 12!! he now wears a bigger shoe than his dad. i am thrilled that he is getting so big, especially with the challenges he faces, but i'm just so sad that he's almost too big for his mommy. sigh...

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