Thursday, October 16, 2008

Im still a girl....

I have spent most of the last 17 years immersed in boy stuff. And I mean ALL boy stuff. Trains, trucks, dinosaurs, video games, soccer balls, get the hint. I have 3 sons, so I never thought twice about it. I became very good at playing pirates, pretending to be on camping trips and racing matchbox cars through the kitchen. Then this morning I came face to face with a challenge to my membership in the Girl club. Wow. I had no idea that if you neglect girly stuff, that eventually you risk being an outsider. But there I was trying my hardest to keep my girly badge. It happened at the Hairdresser, of all places. This hairdresser, where we take our boys for haircuts just happens to have a playroom in the back. My kids love going there so they can play with this huge collection of new-to-them toys. I on the other hand cringe at the idea....not knowing what snot-nose sickly kid played in there before my boys. But thats another post. So back to my point.....My youngest holds up a Barbie doll and asks what it is. I thought that was cute and funny since he is 3 and that might be the first doll he has ever seen. She was naked too, but that didnt bother him. He held Barbie up by her ankles and stared at her, not knowing what to do with "it". Then I spotted a dress and decided it would be more appropriate for Barbie to be dressed. I am ashamed to admit that I spent the next 5 minutes trying to get this dress on Barbie. I tried putting the dress over her head and I tried the feet first method but I could not for the life of me, get this doll dressed. I was seriously starting to question my own girly-hood. Wasnt I the one who had a big box of barbies.....I had a Barbie house, Heck, I even had the Barbie RV. I was obsessed with Barbie. But here I stand, trying in vain to dress this stupid doll and it was winning. Hmph! I threw the dress in the toybox, admitting defeat but then a piece of fabric caught my eye. When I picked it up I smiled, hoping that this would be easier and it was. This dress slid right onto the Barbie with no fight at all. Maybe the other dress was too small.....yes, thats my story and Im sticking to it.


jewelstreet said...

lol. Cute post!

I have a girl but there is no girlyness in this house. She's a tomboy. I lost my girly badge a few years ago and am in the process of trying to get it back.

Denise said...

Jewelstreet...I think I need to borrow a friends daughter and try to get back in touch with my girly side :-) Maybe it is like riding a bike and it will come back to both of us easily.

Mom said...

I think I will buy a doll for both of them for Christmas and a whole bunch of clothes and shoes. You didn't even mention anything about trying on the shoes... LOL

Valerie said...

I have TONS of Barbies, complete with outfits and all accessories! I'll hook you up!

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