Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I hate needles

Two weeks ago I started a new treatment for my auto-immune disease. Instead of adding more pills to my daily regime, I was given injections to be taken twice a week. That means I had to learn to give myself shots. UGH. I hate needles.....but more than that, I hate the idea of giving myself a needle. I know there are lots of people out there who give themselves daily injections and I give a big pat on the back to them.....your better than me. My first attempt was embarassing.....I sat in the doctors office while a super-nice nurse gave me step by step instructions on how to mix the medication and how to get the syringe ready. Then it was my turn....ok, wipe with the alcohol then poke. Stupid needle bounced off my stomach. So I back it up, trying to add a little force to my jab.....poke....again it bounced off my stomach. At this point the super-nice nurse seemed like I was annoying her and she grabbed the syringe and gave me the shot. Crap. I failed my lesson.....plus I was sent out the door wondering if I could handle such a huge responsiblity. Thankfully DH is experienced in giving injections. Ok, he is experienced at giving pennicillin shots to Cows, but how much different could it be, right?

Follow up......I did in fact learn to give myself injections. Yay me! DH left a bruise when he gave me the second shot.....must be because my skin is slightly thinner than cow hide. So out of desperation, I gave myself the last two injections. Again...yay me! The idea still creeps out but the medicine is working so it is totally worth it.

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