Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blog lurking

I was thinking about how I spend so much time going from blog to blog, looking into other peoples lives. I have a few blogs that I follow regularly but more than that, I start on one blog and then find who THEY follow and then click on which one sounds the most interesting. Then I read that blog and again I will look for their follow list and pick one to look at. I repeat this almost endlessly....and I love it. Im not sure why I find peering into other peoples lives interesting, but I do. Anyone who is a blog lurker is guilty of this, but if you think about it... who takes the time to build a blog and doesnt want the world to see it? Everytime I get a new follower I am thrilled. It is like getting picked to play on the better team in grammar school gym class. So Im pretty sure all those blogs that I stumble across have blog owners who are happy that I stopped by to check them out.


Mom Mom said...

I am so happy you found something to do by writing your blog (which I absolutly love) and reading other bloggs too. Especially since you are not healthy and it helps keep your mind off all of your pain.

Ray Jaquett said...

You are so great. Hundreds of people should read your blog. They don't know what they are missing. You brighten my day. Love you ... Dad

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