Sunday, October 12, 2008

They only last an hour...

My boys sat and played quietly for an hour in church this morning.....its just too bad that the service lasted an hour and a half. It was the church's 175th Anniversary and they had all the past pastors and the Bishop speaking. So the last half hour I spent trying to keep a mouthy 3 year old and a hungry 4 year old was not fun. Here are just a few of the wonderful things my children said during church today.....(Im so proud, NOT) "Mommy I farted", "HUNGRY! HUNGRY NOW" and "Are they done yet?" The whirlwind aftermath of my precious young 'uns was apparent in the crayon art left on the pew cushion and the smashed goldfish and cereal left on the floor. Oh yes! There is no denying that we were in that pew longer than expected. Thankfully God loves us all.....even if we color on his pretty blue pew cushions.

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