Wednesday, October 8, 2008

a messy condition

Im searching the internet looking for a mental condition that will explain why my house is always a mess. Nowadays there are diagnosis for everything.....OCD, ADD, RA, etc.....I want my own letters. Something I can use next time I have an unexpected visitor who has to climb over a mountain of laundry to sit on my couch....or one that has to pass through the extensive and highly skilled obstactle course that my little ones "build" in my living room. Wouldnt it be nice to be able to stop and say " Im sorry you sprained your ankle while gracefully hurtling over that train station.....that wouldnt have happened if I didnt have "insert diagnosis here" ". Yeah, maybe it could be called Chronic Messy Syndrome or CMS for short. Im sure Im not the only one with this condition.....maybe there are lots of people out there and once we find each other we can start a support group. Oh, better yet, MAYBE we can submit our condition to our insurance companies who will then pay for us to have housekeepers. Sounds good to long as she doesnt sprain her ankle too.


Laurel said...

Oh honey you would feel very welcomed in my household. You wouldn't even be offended that I had to clear a space on the couch for you to sit down. Or hey we can just sit on the floor, hhehehe.

Love your blog, saved it in my RSS.

Mom said...

You tell people if they can't hurdle the laundry and hopscotch over the train set then don't both coming over unannounced. Tey deserrve to get a sprained something or other. LOL

Loving all your blog's they are terrific...

Debbie said...

Can I please be in your group when you decide the name? If you could see my house right now. Everybody (including hubby) off all week for fall break. And I've been gone on college visits with my son the last two days. It is a wreck.

Deb said...

oh, that's an easy one...i recognize the symptoms.
you suffer from ABH-- All Boy Household. have you not yet learned that you can blame just about EVERYTHING on that?

Denise said...

ABH...I love it! and plan to use it from now on!

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