Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm Back!

Thats right, I'm back. Did you miss me? I just spend a wonderful weekend camping in Lancaster County, PA. Oh, your not surprised? OK....I understand, but I am going to tell you about the trip anyway. We left on Friday, and our plans had to be changed due to rainy weather that was coming in on Saturday. After we got to the campground we set up and decided to take the boys to Cherry Crest Farm that afternoon. My thoughts were that we could go through the corn maze and do some of the other activities while the weather was still dry. Yes, it was chilly and damp but we were all ok with that. The boys had a blast. First we slid down the huge slide, then they jumped on the barnyard jumper. After that we tackled the corn maze. It took us an hour and six minutes, and we we sort of rushing. It was dinner time and no one had had a nap that day. We stopped for dinner at the Red Caboose Dining Car and the boys were in Heaven when they pushed the button to make it feel like we were riding along the rails. Saturday morning we got up and headed out to eat. After stuffing ourselves with a yummy breakfast we did some shopping, then more shopping and then more shopping. Then we took the boys to Strasburg Railroad to ride the train. The timing was great because the rain had just started and we were almost done for the day. We spend all evening cooped up in the camper, which nearly killed hubby. (see previous post Farmer) Sitting still is downright torture for him. So being rained in all night seemed like water-torture, lol. Sorry, I shouldnt laugh but I cant help it. He is a busy, busy person and Im more laid back and lazy. Today we woke up and ate breakfast, then I coersed hubby into driving me to the coffeeshop at the end of the road. Then we packed up and headed home. This was our last camping trip of the year, which is sad for us because we love camping so much. But hopefully Spring will come quickly so we can be off on another adventure.


Deb said...

no pictures?? sounds like a ton of fun. we love camping, too, but are stuck with just a tent, so the weather has to be practically perfect for us to attempt it.

Ray Jaquett said...

I agree, no pictures. Sounds like you had fun. Give the men in your life a hug and kiss from me. Love Dad

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