Saturday, November 1, 2008

The morning after....

It is the morning after Halloween and we are all exhausted. Not exhausted enough for the kids to stay in bed late, but still. So Hubby made pancakes for breakfast and chopped up candy bars to add to the mix. God I love that man! Even after a healthy (ok, unhealthy) dose of sugar for breakfast, my kiddos are still laying half-comatose on the floor watching cartoons. This is the quietest my house has been since they were born. I do believe I have a new favorite holiday.....November 1st! 'Cause it doesnt get much better than this :-)


Kristina P. said...

Pancakes with candy bars?!?!?! Sounds delicious!

Denise said...

Oh yes! They are awesome....I love it when he makes them.

Deb said...

i think i am in love with your husband. my kids are pretty comatose today, too, but the little one had to go swim in a swim meet this morning. while he didn't sink to the bottom of the pool, he wasn't exactly "on his game"... lol. i think nov 1 SHOULD be declared a holiday.

Eudea-Mamia said...

Trademark that recipe!

Sounds of silence for some brief moments as well. Except for my hubby giving me the play-by-play of the last second switcheroo at the Texas/Texas Tech game.

Awesome honey - now go away - I'm bloggin!


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