Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Toys worth buying

J's birthday came and went and I wanted to pass along a few toys that I think are awesome. Just in case anyone is looking for ideas ....

The Crayola Glow Board
There were 7 kids at J's party (ages 3-21) and they were ALL fighting over this one. And since the party it hasnt left J's side. He takes it in the car, to mommom's, to the barber, everywhere. Believe me, this is a keeper!

I Can Do That! Game
I love this game for many reasons, including the fact that my kids finally have a game that they can play without mommy's particpation. After a million games of Candyland, Pokemon Yatzee and more, I needed a break and I got it with this game. It is so clever and keeps them laughing. It isnt so much for older kids, but to be honest my nieces were having fun with it at the party and they are over 10.

So with Christmas right around the corner, here are two ideas for your little ones. Trust me....these are both going to be much-loved toys. Happy Shopping!


Jillene said...

The glow board looks GREAT!! I might have to get that for my youngest--she loves to draw!!

Mom said...

I can't wait to see the boys play with the new birthday toys and then thier Christmas toys. Yeah it's getting closer.

Wendyburd1 said...

How sad it is that I think the glowboard is cute...for me! LOL

Becky said...

My daughter is dying for this crayola glow board for Christmas. Thanks for posting about it, it is always nice to hear from people who have stuff before you buy it!

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