Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday pictures

This morning Hubby was outside trying to conquer the leaves (BTW, the leaves are still winning) and the little guys were out there keeping him company.

OK, before you decide that I am a completely over-protective mom....I DO NOT make them wear helmets to play in leaves. Honest I dont. They just happened to be riding bikes before they dove into the leaf piles.

Alright...I know what your gonna say. That I am crazy because my kids wore their helmets in the leaves but not on this tractor.
This is going to be a great weekend. Today my oldest came to visit for the weekend. And tomorrow we are going to his Robotics competition in Wissa-something-or-other, PA. We might even go to Cabela's (Hubby loves Cabelas). So what are you doing this weekend?


Deb said...

oh what a hoot! you were one step ahead of my own thought process... that really made me laugh.

we have NOTHING planned this weekend, and i couldn't be more thrilled. i am sure we will try to tackle some leaves ourselves. they may need to dry out a little more (fingers crossed).

have fun on your trip!

Kristina P. said...

I need to jump into a big pile of leaves now.

Tonya said...

Hey, we're doing the same thing as you this weekend...crazy world isn't it? LOL

Mom said...

I am cleaning and your dad is making a chicken pie. Tomorrow is Football (of course) I love this time of year, especially here in Arizona. Have fun today Babe.

Vodka Mom said...

Those are adorable!!! (I completely GET the whole wearing the helmet thing....)

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