Thursday, January 1, 2009


Yep, we're gonna talk about Poop. J is 5 and hasnt had any potty accidents for a year and a half. Up until last week I have helped him to wipe after he poops but I want him to learn to be more independent so I stopped helping him. Now, for some unknown reason, when he goes to my MIL's he poops his pants. And it isnt like she is babysitting, we are there too. At home he goes poop on the potty but for some reason he wont go at her house. He did, when I was helping him wipe. He keeps telling us that he is messing his pants because he doesnt want to wipe. But he also knows that if he messes his pants I make him clean himself up and also rinse out his dirty underpants. So why, oh why would he be doing this.....any ideas or tips are welcome.

On another note, I spent all day napping and curled up in a ball praying my meds would work better and/or quicker. Thankfully tonight I am feeling a bit better and Im at least sitting up. Tomorrow I should find out the results of my x-rays and blood test (all 15 vials that they took)


Mimi said...

Hmmm, is something scary at MIL's house? I would make a deal with him that you would help him wipe at MIL's until he feels comfortable doing it himself... Just a thought.

Praying for your test results to come out well & also pray to help your hubby find his way. It's made a huge difference in my husbands life.

Amy said...

Definitely offer to help him at MILs. Keep him comfortable when you are not home.

Fingers crossed that your tests are ok! :)

Tink said...

Ewww, sorry to hear about you not feeling well and all. I'm hoping all will be well with your tests and it will not be anything serious. Sorry to hear about your son pooping at MIL's house. Hmmm, that's a new one. I'm thinking she's clean, right? Maybe it's just the new environment? That's a hard one! I'm no help in that category! But I hope you had a great new year's day! Hugs to you.

Pamela said...

First of all, I hope you are feeling better soon! Hope everything is good with the test results.

Unfortunately, I have no advice on the pooping issue. Sorry!

By the way...I'm trying to lose weight, too. It's not helpful when I'm baking all the time, that's why most of it leaves here!

Happy New Year!!

CaJoh said...

He probably does not feel comfortable doing something so personal alone. You may have to be diligent and check from time to time— do you have to go to the bathroom? Then stand outside the door while he goes. Eventually he will be more comfortable going in other people's homes, but you may have to give him that assurance until such time.

Anna said...

Okay...YIKES on the 15 vials of blood...I am cringing. But good to hear that you are feeling a little bit better.

About the poop...I knew a guy in high school that refused to poop at anyone else's house. He would rather leave and go to his house or hold it in. Now I know that your little guy simply isn't using Grandma's potty, but maybe, just maybe he is scared of her toilet or is just used to home's toilet :o)

Just a thought.

Grand Pooba said...

Hmmm, I think he's trying to teach you a lesson. Or maybe your MILs toilet has an alligator in it.

One of the two.

(If I prayed, I would pray for your health!)

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