Friday, January 30, 2009

Flylady would be proud....not really

Flylady would be so proud of me... look at my sink! Shiny and clean. But PLEASE Flylady DON'T turn around and look at the rest of my kitchen. And don't look at my feet either because I just cant handle the "dress to the shoes" thing. Honestly, now as I am writing this my sink no longer looks like this, since it is full of dinner dishes just waiting for attention. It never ends. Babysteps I keep telling myself....babysteps.

And LOOK! See the happy bubble face that was in my pasta water tonight. Yes, the pic is upside down but so was the face. So I turned it so people wouldn't think I needed psychiatric intervention for seeing things that aren't there.

Still don't see it? Ok....look here....

Now that you all think I'm crazy....I will move along to my Days of Grace

- a much needed nap

- cookies

- C's weekend

- living room being picked up (even if it only lasted 15 minutes)

- more cookies


Amy said...

Flylady would be proud! She doesn't care about behind the sink or really your shoes (lack there of)! She would be proud of your shiny sink!

Lana said...

My sink stays shiny all of three minutes.

And dress to the shoes? Every DAY? Who does Fly lady think she is? Sometimes I rebel against her too. ☺

Look at those happy bubbles! I want some! Hee hee.

Mom said...

I have two sinks to keep shiny and most of the time only one of them is.

Loved the smiley bubble he/she/it was so cute. I can't believe it stayed there long enough for you to take the picture. Like you said a smile from God.

Tonya said...

I so need to follow flylady house is wrecked because I am always on blogger. I don't know if flylady can help that. LOL

Your smiley face made me laugh (-;

Kristina P. said...

Those bubbles are so funny!

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

You're not crazy. I totally saw it before the red highlighting.

But don't look at my sink. ;)

Brenda Jean said...

I tried the flylady-- I couldn't do the shoes either, and my sink just can't be kept empty. It's not going to happen.

I saw the smile right away!

Mommy Cracked said...

I totally see the smiley face!!

Mimi said...

Love the bubble face! Shoes, not so much.

Debbie said...

Yes, the sink would be enough for her. And I do love some happy bubbles.

Mariel said...

I totally see the bubble face! How funny!

Fun blog.

Kim said...

I love FlyLady but I, too, have a problem with the shoes. The one concept of hers that I have used for years is the 15-minute technique. When I feel overwhelmed, I say to myself I'll just spend 15 minutes on one task, and almost always that's enough time to take care of business.

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