Monday, January 19, 2009

Mondays Days of Grace

I have had a very long day. And I am completely exhausted. The kind of exhausted that only comes after being completely tense before facing something you dread, head on. Well, that was my day. I went for my second (hopefully LAST) insanely torturous bladder testing. OK, this time was WAY easier than the last but still.....and now that it is over my body has decided it wants to quit for today. So I will do my best to get through this list, then head to a nice long slumber.

Here is my list for today...

- Finally being done these least we hope.

- My kids being good for Mommom today while I was having my test.

- Hubby going with me for this one. He kept me laughing so I didn't fall apart from nerves.

- Getting to go to bed in a few minutes...and not sharing the bed tonight. Hubby is working overnight. (yes, I miss him but I love spreading out in the middle of the bed)

and finally....

- Snow. Mostly I don't like it but it is pretty. And today we had the best kind. The kind that falls and melts! No cleanup involved.

And please remember to keep these in mind. My friend Amy is still accepting Donations for her Polar Bear plunge. To donate click HERE.
And please pray for President Elect Obama. Even though we may have wanted McCain to win (or not) we should still stand behind our new president.


Kristina P. said...

I hope you have a great week, Denise! You always cheer me up.

Janie said...

I love your days of grace.

Jillene said...

What a great Day of Grace. I am having bladder problems too--BLAH!! I hope that tomorrow is a better day!!

Amy said...

Get rest. That's what your body needs and will get if you don't listen. {{hugs}}

Deb said...

hope you are feeling well rested... sorry i missed this last night! your test sounds pretty unpleasant. i'll be praying for good results.

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