Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Days of Grace

I am currently reading the Grace of the Moment Daily Bible. I have tried several times on my own to read the whole Bible but I get lost, confused, etc. But not anymore, this book is just perfect. Each day has scripture from the Old Testament, Psalms, Proverbs and the New Testament. I am really enjoying it and finding the stories facinating and enlightening. Yesterday's Old Testament scripture was from Exodus. As I was reading I started laughing out loud. God is talking to Moses and showing him Miracles. He turns Moses staff into a snake and then back again. He aflicts a skin disease on him and immediately removes it. Amazing stuff. Stuff that should make him (and all of us) stop and go "Ok Lord....I'm all yours! What do you want me to do??" But this is not what Moses does. No, he all but begs God to leave him alone and ask someone else to do this task. God says everything he can to give Moses the confidence to speak to the Israelites. Moses still complains. Then God did something that I find myself doing often. He got tired of fighting with Moses. He says Fine! We will do it your way. He told Moses that his brother Aaron could do the talking for him. Wow. Moses must have been the most stubborn man EVER. (Exodus 4:1-17)
Anyway....I found grace in this passage from Exodus. I even read it to Hubby today but he wasnt as amused as I was, lol.

Here is the rest of my list....

- I got my copy of The Love Dare in the mail today. Cant wait to start reading it (and watch the movie Fireproof)

- Pulling out some old pictures of friends and scanning them into Facebook. Lots of fun memories!

- More great news about Harper....we all keep praying and she keeps getting stronger. Thank you Jesus!

- Chocolate cake for breakfast (and snack of course!)


Deb said...

i am sorry, but chocolate cake for breakfast is the absolute best.

i may take a page from your book, so to speak, and get that book. i have tried to read the bible but just get so lost.

Anonymous said...

The way you talk about that book makes we really want to get it. I think I will. :)

Mom said...

I think when you are done reading that you should send it my way. It sounds like I would enjoy it much better than trying to read the Bible I have. Sometimes it doesn't make any sense to me at all. I am glad you are reading it to Hubby too. Maybe you should leave it in the bathroom and he might pick it up to read on his own. LOL

Chocolate cake for breakfast oh what a treat. (Did the kids see you)?

Denise said...

Hi Denise. I appreciate your stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment for me. I thought I'd return the favor and stop by to see you. I really like this post and I am now very interested in the book you referenced. I'm going to check it out, myself. I always love meeting other "Denises".

I'll be back to see you later.


Anonymous said...

That chocolate cake sound mighty fine! :) How about a glass of red wine to wash it down? Thanks for your kind words on my blog...I've been enjoying reading yours!

Idabel Oklahoma said...

THANKS! Been wondering about that book. Going to order it now. Love this blog. It's very calming over here. I'm gonna have to come back.
NAIW (Austin)

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