Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is it over yet?

I quit. Im waving the white flag. I just cant do it anymore, at least not today. It has been an all day battle with J. And he seems to be winning. He is fine. Smiling, laughing, like today was just like every other normal day. I, on the otherhand, am emotionally exhausted. It all started this morning. Hubby was working overtime on the dayshift today. So I got up at 7, got breakfast for the boys and got them dressed for Church. J was arguing with me over every little thing. I threatened to stay home from church but he assured me he was going to be good. How dumb am I? Anyway, my mother in law picked us up and we all went to church. Our church has a childrens sermon and then the kids go down to room where they have a small lesson and color or do a craft. This is nice because it allows the adults to pay attention to the sermon, rather than making sure the kids are behaving. Half way through the sermon J (with little brother R in tow) comes back into the sanctuary and announces that all they were doing was coloring and he didnt want to color. I attempt to let the boys color quietly at the pew, between me and my mother in law. That lasted about 3 minutes. So I walked both boys back to the childrens room. J refused to go in, and R didnt want to go without J. So I went in with R and left J in the hallway. This constant fighting with J is really testing my nerves and patience. After church at my mother in laws house J threw a full blown temper tantrum complete with screaming, kicking, laying on the floor like a rag doll, more screaming, more yelling, get the picture. Nothing I did, nothing my brother in law did and nothing my mother in law did worked. We finally left him alone in the room to scream out his aggressions. At this point I think he either needs to find a pre-school anger management class or we need to call a priest to give him an exorsism. Or we could send him to boarding school. I am open to all three options right now. Have you ever been so upset and drained that you couldn't even cry? That is me right now. Ugh.

Im taking a break from my days of grace today. Sorry. But my brain and heart are just not into it tonight. I will pick up where I left off tomorrow.


Kristina P. said...

I am so sorry Denise. I hope tomorrow only gets better.

Rebecca Jo said...

In the words of Annie... "The sun will come out tomorrow!' know the rest!!

sandy said...

I hope things look brighter for you tomorrow:)

Amy said...

Tomorrow will be a better day. And I HAVE had days where I would just sit down and sob because my little one was doing the exact same things yours is doing. {{hugs!}}

pam said...

I have been in that same place. Some days you just wonder where things went wrong, don't you?

This afternoon my five year old son was playing on the kitchen floor with our neighbour. My son had told his friend he could take one of his toys home overnight. I told the neightbour to start getting dressed because it was getting dark. An all out war began over this toy. My son lost it, very similar to what you described.

You are not alone, my friend. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for everyone!

Karen Siddiqi said...

Praying for good health, immeasurable grace and joy to invade your life :)

Laura said...

I am sorry too, I remember when mine were younger. Now that they are older, the fights are different. And we have none of the falling on the floor stuff. It will get better. Here is praying for a calm spirit. Have a better tomorrow.

Jillene said...

J wouldn't happen to be 4 would he? I hate age 4. That is whsn I had the most trouble with my older 2 children (the 3rd hasn't hit 4 yet). I hope that you have a better day today--and yes--I have been in your shoes one too many times!!

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