Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday morning post

Today is Monday. And so far it has been a good Monday. When the boys got up they wanted to cuddle with me in my bed (Hubby left for work before 5am)and I let them. But I also did something I rarely ever do....I turned on the TV in our bedroom. They watched PBS while I got another hour of sleep. Why haven't I thought of that before? Then after breakfast I signed on and found an email from Rae Ann at Critical Mass. She is making a button for my blog and sent one for me to check out. I love it and can't wait until she finishes it up so I can add it to my blog and share it with everyone. Then I started reading some of the blogs I follow....and found some pretty funny ones. Here are some of the ones that made me laugh this morning. I hope you enjoy them too.

Not me Monday by Lana at The Kids did WHAT?
Find your interview with Jay at Cookies, Chaos and Conversations.
The Meme of PMS by Anna at Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder
Weekend Recap by Melissa at Stretch Marks
Not Me Monday by Blueviolet at A Nut in a Nutshell
Target and Stinky Pee by EmmaP at Musings of the Mindless Banterer

I also have a cute story to tell. One of the ladies in church told us that her Niece is pregnant again. Then she told us that her Niece's son (I believe he is 4 or 5) told his mommy to open her mouth so he could breathe a kiss on the baby. I thought that was an adorable thing for him to say. Especially on a day when there was nothing adorable about my own 5 year old. But today is a new day, and so far he is better. I've decided that I cannot fix him and his inability to control his anger.... so I am giving it to God and asking him to heal J. I would appreciate any additional prayer anyone wants to send our way. Thanks!

Happy Monday :-)


Mom said...

That was a good idea to cuddle up with the boys and get a little extra sleep while they watched TV. I don't know what to tell you about J except putting it in God's hands is better than getting so stressed and making him more upset. I will send up some more prayers for him and you today. Hugs, Muah!

Kristin said...

Happy Monday.

Amy said...

Happy Monday! Glad to hear things are better today. Take everything one day at a time. I missed your 365 days of grace. I hope you do one today! Prayers said too!

Deb said...

i used to grab some extra zzzs by putting on pbs and putting up the babygate to keep them corralled in my room.

prayers and more prayers for you and your little one.

Young Momma said...

I love when the kids wake up and are willing to hang out in moms room for awhile. I love the early morning cartoons so they can chill while I sleep. It doesn't happen often enough and doesn't last long, but it feels great! :)

Kristina P. said...

Kids are so cute and funny!

Good luck on all the lurkers who will be coming your way today!

Lana said...

Awe! Thanks for thinking of me in your post.
I love your new button!

I don't have a TV in my room, but on weekends I get up, throw a video on for the kids and veg on the couch until the nagging for breakfast begins. What we won't do for just a few more winks!

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