Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday fill in and Days of Grace

1. It's January; and I hate winter.

2. Nutella is what I crave most right now.

3. Cork and wine go together like Deb and Jay.

4. Chocolate is so nourishing. (really, it is!!)

5. Let us dare to Nap.

6. Please clean my home.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to TV, tomorrow my plans include dyeing my hair and Sunday, I want to sleep late!

Well, crap! That was the lamest attempt at one of these fill-in's EVER. Sorry to make you waste a minute or two reading that crap.
I should really be punished for I am going to punish myself by vacumming and folding laundry.
Right after Oprah.
I promise.

Days of Grace....I was going to post again later, but I wasnt sure if I would make it back on here today. So here is my list for today.

1. Hearing the story of Navy Petty Officer Mike Monsoor. Mike died saving his comrades by throwing himself on a grenade. Not many people would give their lives for others. But he did. And we should all take a minute to let his story Grace our lives.

2. Getting the call that C was home from his procedure today. I am glad that it is over and just pray he is comfortable and wont need any more procedures.

3. The boys quietly playing. It doesnt matter what they were playing but I found Grace in how nicely they were playing together.

4. A few quiet minutes I was able to spend alone. Priceless!

5. And today I want to put my list on the list. Because having to think about writing Graceful things everyday has really changed my perspective.


K and/or K said...

You had me until oprah. Sleep and hair dye are also on my week end to-do! TGIF!

Kristina P. said...

I need Nutella!!!

Mimi said...

Oh, thanks! Now I'm craving Nutella & we're having a snow storm.

I don't like Oprah, but sometimes I'll have her on in the background. I watched the first few minutes of her show today & had to turn it off. I'm here with my 16 year old son & there's no way I could deal if he would have walked in & saw me watching a show about "having your best sex ever"!

Frogs in my formula said...

OMG Denise. You blog is playing one of my FAVORITE songs. Thank you thank you!

Jillene said...

Hahahaha!! I read your list and then when I finished and you said it was crap..I laughed so hard!! You are so funny.

And nutella--YUMMY!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Thansk for stopping by my blog... been visiting yours... love it! Marking it to come back & visit more!

Deb said...

wait... what's a friday fill in? i need more info! i think you did a good job (even though i don't know what it is or what the guidelines are).

we need an after of the hair. i have my box sitting on the counter. the roots really need it, but i am actually okay with the color on the rest of my hair. oh, the dilemma!

boys playing quietly DOES INDEED = grace!

Kristin said...

"5. And today I want to put my list on the list. Because having to think about writing Graceful things everyday has really changed my perspective."

How true is that. I have been doing this more (thanks to you) and it has really changed my perspective on everything. Again I say thank you.

amelia bedelia said...

I always see that Nutella in the grocery store, tell me what you eat it with! You blog is cute, Im going back to check out more.

Denise said...

Personally I eat Nutella with a spoon, right out of the jar. But that is why I quit buying it. Because I lack self-control around chocolate.

Samkay said...

omg, I'm soooooo happy his surgery is done!!! lol Only problem is I keep forgetting I really can't hit the spot now, so today was like, insane lol Kinda haha it was good to see him again tho =]

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