Friday, January 23, 2009

Days of Grace

I was getting ready to turn my computer off and head to bed but I remembered that I didn't write my list for today. And I couldn't forget that! Here are the things I found Grace in today....

-Amy doing a great job in court today. Way to Go Amy! I'm proud of you!!

-Finding a HILARIOUS website. Jackass Letters. I have been laughing all night reading the letters this crazy man has written. Oh...and he follows me on Twitter now...lucky me (-:

-Listening to my little boys saying their bedtime prayers.

-Psalm 11:7 The Lord does what is right, and he loves justice, so honest people will see his face.

-And......he loves me, he really, really loves me......Hubby brought back these beauties from his Walmart trip today!!!


Kristina P. said...

This just reminded me that I have like 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies coming yay! Have a great weekend!

Samkay said...

lol I was actually waiting to read your day of grace post. I was almost afraid you weren't gonna post one tonight!! lol =]

Ooooo gotta love Thin Mints!! =]

Amy said...

Thin mints are my FAVE!!! Thanks for sharing the letters website, I need something to read!! lol

Christopher L. Jorgensen said...

Thanks for the site mention. Glad you liked it.

I'll let you know how many hits you drive to the site.

Debbie said...

Nothing says love like a good girl scout cookie.

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