Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Day of Grace

Just a little warning. Apparently J believes there is an outbreak of wild elephants running around. So to keep us all safe, he has put these No Elephant signs all over my home. And I mean ALL OVER.
Do elephants really pay attention to signs?
and isnt this the CUTEST elephant you ever saw?!?!?!

Oh, I have been thinking and thinking and finally came up with my Days of Grace for today. I hope you enjoy it....

-The childrens sermon in church today. You see, every week a child is picked to take home "the box". Their assignment is to put something in there that will stump the pastor. J had the box this past week and was so excited. After the pastor figures out what the item is (which he always does) then he gives a small childrens sermon about it. I think it is awesome how he can come up with ideas to share with them so quickly. Anyway, back to today.....J put a train signal in the box. Pastor Don gave them a message about signs from God and how we all need to look and listen for them. I am a firm believer that God gives us signs so I loved todays message.

- Hubby making dinner. He is in the kitchen right now making stuffed peppers. YUM! I cant wait until they are done and ready to scarf down.

-A nice weekend with C. Even though I wish he stayed longer, I understand why he went home today instead of tomorrow. Have fun at the mall!!

-My boys being big enough to play in the family room without constant supervision. I am typing this while listening to them play with their trains. Awesome!!

-Flight 1549 . Wow! Who didnt find grace in that?!? God blessed those people and everyone who was touched by that story. See....God does still perform miracles.

So there is my list for today....I hope you all enjoy it.

and Enjoy your Sunday.


Samkay said...

ohmygosh!!! My church does something just like that, but a brown bag instead of a box! When Shannon and I would bring it, we would try so hard all week to come up with something to stump my grandfather. It never worked. We came close one time tho. haha. That's so funny too cuz for us today the brown bag had a pad of posted notes. And my grandfather said pretty much the same thing that your pastor said. That's soo cool. =]

Gotta love when kids are big enough to play without constant supervision =] If only my cousins would get to that maturity level now....haha

Mom said...

Another great job Denise. I am always amazed at how you can find so many to choose from day to day. I am still laughing at the elephant. I wish we could go to church with you and see the childrens serman and how he comes up with stuff on the fly. Hubby is such a good cook we wish we were there to eat the sausage too. I saw God's Grace in the airplane crash this week too. He was with the pilot and co-pilot. Glad your having a Great Sunday. Again Great Job on your blog. Hugs, Mom

Andrea said...

Too cute! That sounds like something my daughter would come up with!

Kirsty said...

The church 'box' idea sounds just wonderful!
LOVE the elephant sign, better to be safe than sorry!!!

Young Momma said...

I love that my kids can play without being supervised every minute! I agree with the flight too! Miracles do happen! Great list! And yay for your hubs! Cooking Hubs ROCK!

Tonya said...

That's funny I didn't know Collin had a ride to the mall tomorrow.

Fred's on 2-10 this week, and my van is on the fritz....

Kristina P. said...

Seriously, I need your husband to make a stop at our house to make us dinner.

Deb said...

do not be fooled by the cuteness of the elephant. wild, rampaging elephants is a serious matter. i am glad J is protecting your family. around these parts, the deer are plotting to take over and destroy the human race.

i have to say, i am really impressed with your pastor. what fun for the kids.

another great list... you are right, that flight was a miracle.

blueviolet said...

I loved your list and I believe God gives us signs too. They're not always when we expect them or how we expect them but they're there. :)

Mimi said...

Whew, good thing you are safe from the dreaded elephant invasions!

Amy said...

I am on the lookout for the elephants! Thanks for the heads up! What a wonderful imagination! I missed that with my J. He is SO literal with EVERYTHING!!

Love the Grace list and Look forward to it everyday!

Bee and Rose said...

Must be a day for trains! My daughter has played at the train table all afternoon!

Fabulous idea with the box! I think I'll use that for school!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Have a lovely week!

Rhonda said...

I love the idea of the box. What a great teaching tool. I am with you on the USAIRWAYS flight.... miraculous. This was such a good Sabbath day post. Thanks for sharing.

Janie said...

Love your grace points.

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