Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gotta dig deep......

Well, today was long. And by long I mean hard. And by hard I mean that my 5 year old acts like the spawn of evil. I have never seen or heard of a child that acts like J. Mostly he is an adorable, loving, smart, beautiful child who wants nothing more than to make you laugh and smile. He can win you over in one cute conversation, he is everyones best friend. But then there is a dark side to him. He has the temper of a rabid pit bull. He also has some severe control issues. How on earth can a 5 year old feel the need to always be the boss and always be right? Can you really be born with that ingrained into your personality? Ugh. So anyway, today he was a challenge. A big, scary, make-me-want-to-drink challenge. So I did what any reasonable parent would do.....I ate a half of a pan of rice krispie treats and washed it down with sangria. I am not a drinker so that one glass of wine relaxed me very nicely. The rice krispie treats were just an extra treat. I am a professional emotional eater....oh yes I am.

Alright now that I have that off my chest I can move along to my 5/365 Days of Grace....
Today I found Grace in

-8:00pm bedtimes for the boys. I can finally try to relax after my stressful day.

-A visit to see Poppop at the Nursing Home. He was having a very good day and we talked about old times. I cherish any and all time that I have with him but the days when he is mentally good are the BEST!

-A man picking up trash on the side of the road. I was really impress especially since we were having some pretty heavy rain. He must be very dedicated...or crazy.

-A nice conversation with an old friend

-And I saved the best for Last....Psalm 4:6-8
Many People ask, "Who will give us anything good?"
Lord, be kind to us.
But you have made me very happy, happier than they are,
even with all their grain and new wine.
I go to bed and sleep in peace,
because, Lord, only you keep me safe.


Mom said...

I am sorry you had one of THOSE days. We all have them and they suck but be thankful that only one of the kids was being the bad kid today you know. Look out tomorrow it could be R or both of them. Or it could be hubby and all 3 of them. I'm glad your reading the Bible this year cause it will help you with the day to day issues. I am also glad you are there with PopPop to spend time with him and get more memories. It is just sad he isn't good every day and still able to live with you. {Hugs}

Kristina P. said...

I'm sorry you had such a rough day with your little man!

Hope tomorrow is better.

Deb said...

the answer is YES, they CAN be born that way... unless i just screwed mine up super fast immediately after birth.

did you dip the rice krispie treats in the sangria? i had zebra cakes tonight. i did feel better.

i am really really impressed you were able to pull off the grace list tonight. that's a good sign.

and yay for poppop!

Mimi said...

I firmly believe that some kids are just born strong willed. My 16 yr. old JD has been like that since the day he was born, literally.


Mimi said...

I firmly believe that some kids are just born strong willed. My 16 yr. old JD has been like that since the day he was born, literally.


Grand Pooba said...

I prefer a good pinot grigio with a kitkat :)

Janie said...


Now I'm hungry for rice krispy bars and a zebra cake.

don't even talk kitkat to me.

Anonymous said...


Wendyburd1 said...

Ohhh he sounds like he was a lil devil today, LOL! I am sorry he made you eat...well they are so good do why be sorry, LOL!

Amy said...

Oh Man! A rough day. But today is another day and you will manage today too!

And Pino Girgio is my fave! So Nice after a hard day!

Jillene said...

I hope that your little guy wakes up on the RIGHT side of the bed today!!

Sounds like you had a GREAT visit with PopPop!!

Tink said...

I've totally been there, done that with my bullheaded kids but you have the grace of explaining it so well! Liked the "wash down" with the Krispie treats. Ha. Here's to a better day tomorrow! Cheers

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