Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What do you mean It's not about me?!?!

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

Ok, ok...I can post about other people. Honest, I can. Hey...just yesterday I posted about my Amazing Friend Amy and her fundraiser for Special Olympics. But today is a new day and with it brings Tuesdays Tributes and that means I gotta pick a new person to highlight. Hmmmmmm.....who or what should I choose? How about Uniqua from the Backyardigans?
She is one tough cookie. She can sing and dance and isn't afraid of anything. I believe she may even be tougher than Pablo, Austin and the moose (who's name escapes me at the moment). Hands down she is the best Backyardigan. I mean come on.....Tasha is, well....how do I say this nicely?....a little bit chunky and slow.
Seriously have you ever noticed that all the shows where there is any effort exerted, Tasha is watching from the sidelines? The race around the world episode she sat at the start/finish line doing nothing. I honestly cant remember if Uniqua was even in that episode...so I guess that was a bad example. And dont get all huffy-puffy with me. I am not against chunky and/or slow people...in fact I myself am chunky and slow. So I am qualifed to say that Uniqua is in fact better than Tasha. Anyway, I think everyone should take a moment to appreciate Uniqua in all her uniqueness.....and then pray I come up with someone or something better to write about by next Tuesday.


Eudea-Mamia said...

I just want to know what Uniqua is - ladybug?

Oh, and the moose is Tyrone.

A double major in business and journalism, and that's what I can contribute.

My all-time favorite episode - Samurai Pie. Awesome.

Great post!

Young Momma said...

Ahhh! I wanted to tell you that his name was Tyrone, but Eudea-Mamia got here first! lol

I love it. :) I agree. And I'm so not against (all) blondes, but can we point out that Tasha being all yellow is most likely a blonde too? (ahem) Anyway!

Good post! :)

Deb said...

this is hilarious! well done.
fortunately, i somehow managed to escape the backyardigans. i did however, have my fill of barney and teletubbies.

can't wait to see how you top this next tuesday!

hope your mom is feeling okay!

Jillene said...

My oldest daughter likes Tasha the best. She won't watch the show unless Tasha is on it.

Denise said...

Tyrone! Yes...how could I forget that...duh! Must be from lack of sleep or something. I loved Samurai Pie too! and after all the Tasha-knocking I did I have to admit that "I love being a Princess" is my favorite Backyardigans song....but dont tell anyone, ok? LOL

Amy said...

So Cute!! I missed the Backyardigans but STILL have Thomas and Friends around. All over the place in fact. lol

How is Mom doing today?

Kristina P. said...

Sometimes, I wish I had kids so I would know what people are talking about, and then I go to Walmart, and that wish goes away.

Jay @halftime lessons said...


My fav is currently my kids fav..Blazing Paddles...they want to watch it constantly...

GREAT post...FANTASTIC idea...I loved this!!

And BTW...Austin rules...that kid is just gonna absolutely come alive one of these days if we can get rid of Pablo somehow...work on it.

Thanks SO much for being a part of this Inaugural Tuesday's Tribute!!


Tonya said...

Love your post! We were vegging out on the couch today watching Backyardigans...

so now I have the theme song stuck in my head. (-:

Mom said...

You know my favorite is the Princess Song. I think of that song often. Now that you and Jeff have grown up I don't watch that stuff unless we visit you and then by the time we leave I have had enought. exceept for the on Princess song. Cause I am the Princess. LOL

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