Saturday, January 3, 2009

365 Days of Grace

I stumbled across this idea today and I love it. Even though it is a much bigger commitment than that goofy NABLAbbblallla(whatever) I still want to try. I found this at Schmutzie Loves you. The main idea is to write 5 things each day that have Graced your life, either today or in the past. It can be a person, place, thing or get the idea, right? Sounds cool, huh? So here it goes.....

1. My daily nap. Oh yes! This of course HAD to make the top of my very first list. And even thought most days I need a nap (because of my illness) I still feel they are a blessing that everyone should have, because all the stresses of life seem smaller after a nap. Believe me, they do.

2. Prayer. And knowing that even if God says no to my request, I still know he is listening. It is an awesome feeling to know he always has my back.

3. Chocolate. Because what isn't graceful about Chocolate?? As we speak I am making Chocolate cupcakes so they can grace me as my nighttime snack.

4. Listening to my kids laughing. Nothing beats this sound....EVER.

5. Playdough. Seriously, playdough has graced my life with at least one hour everyday of quiet, peacefully playing boys. Not many toys can do that.

This list was tougher than I thought. Maybe because I have so many other things swirling around in my brain and I cant concentrate. Who knows. Hopefully it will get easier and I can stick with it.

On another note....I hate Moonsand. I hate the company that made Moonsand. I hate the company that makes Moonsand commercials. Moonsand is evil. It brainwashes children and convinces them that they are playing with something much more fun and exciting than regular old sand. WRONG! It is like handing your child a piece of firewood and convincing him that it is the newest, coolest toy EVER. Ugh. If you wouldn't normally bring in a bucket of sand and dump it on your table, then DON'T buy Moonsand. Plus is stains clothes. And it is hard to clean up all that gritty, stupid, overly colored sand. Did I mention how much I HATE Moonsand?


Vodka Mom said...

I absolutely love your list. There is NOTHING like the innocent laughter of children.

and the smell of brand new playdough......

Kristina P. said...

What is this Moonsand you speak of? Remember, I speak child free.

Mimi said...

Must look up Moonsand & make note to buy it for the parents of young children who purposely bought annoying toys for my kids!

Denise said...

Yeah, this stuff would make an awesome "pay-back" gift.

Mom said...

You should put that picture of the kids playing with that horrible moonsand stuff so they can see it.

I love yur list too. We know that without God in our life we couldn't deal with all our issues. You are a blessing in my life. Love ya

Queenie Jeannie said...

What a great idea! I'll be looking forward to the upcoming year of blessings!!!

I've heard of moonsand but haven't experienced it. Now I WON'T! So thank you for that too!!

Pamela said...

You are not the only warning I have heard about the dreaded Moon Sand!! It's never coming to our house! Yes, those cookies are from cooking Light. If you click on the link I have in that post for CL, you will find the calorie and fat content! Enjoy.

Deb said...

i take it moonsand won't be showing up on your list!

i am proud of you for taking this on. are you allowed to list something more than once?

happy new year!

disa said...

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