Monday, January 19, 2009

Prayers for Obama

Pray for President-Elect Obama
I just saw this on the website of Max Lucado. He is my favorite author and makes huge contributions to the Christian community. Right now he is trying to build a huge prayer chain for President-elect Obama. I signed up. Whether or not I agree with his politics I still feel the need to pray for him. To pray for his cabinet and to pray for his family. He will be our country's leader. We all, regardless of whether we like him or we dont, need to get behind him and support him. The BEST and easiest way is through prayer. So click on the button above, sign up and PRAY. The world will be better because of it.

Pray for rulers and for all who have authority so that we can
have quiet and peaceful lives full of worship and respect for God.
(1 Timothy 2:2)


Mom said...

I signed up and said a prayer. I agree with you that it doesn't matter if you like the man or not he is our leader and we need to support him and pray that he will be able to turn things around as needed. AMEN

Mimi said...

Amen! Talk about having a huge burden resting on his shoulders!

Deb said...

you're a wise woman. i'm not exactly thrilled, but i am going to follow the good example you have set and pray.

Young Momma said...

I really like that!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

I love this.

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