Saturday, January 31, 2009

Days of Grace

Today I found grace in....

- the smell of little boys after a bath

- seeing C pull in the driveway

- a good laugh with Amy on the phone last night (Im still working on Friday night! Dont give up yet!!)

- Planning Februarys Meals out with just what we have on hand....woo hoo!

and mostly....

- Knowing that Baby Tuesday is safe in the Arms of our Heavenly Father


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh, so heartbreaking about baby Tuesday... but you are so right - she's not suffering any more

Kristina P. said...

Reading about baby Tuesday broke my heart, but I completely agree.

We had a small viewing for my grandfather this morning, and it just made me happy knowing he wasn't in pain anymore.

Amy said...

I was crying when I read about how brave she was. She is at peace now.

I am crossing my fingers for Friday! Loved the laughs too!

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