Friday, December 19, 2008

One more day......

YaY! This time tomorrow I will be hugging my parents. Actually, to be honest, this time tomorrow we will be driving home from the airport. But chances are I will be at least holding my moms hand on the way home. Just the thought of that makes how crappy I feel seem insignificant. is a picture of me today....looking as Crappy as I feel.

And can you see how nice my double chin is looking? Yes, all those yummy goodies I bake are heading straight to my belly, hips and neck.
In case anyone was wondering what I did today I will give you all the details.....first I lied several times to my children and husband. They kept bugging me to get out of bed and I kept telling them I was getting up. HA! I managed to drag that little charade out until nearly 9am. That really annoyed Hubby but to be truthful, I didnt care this morning and dont now. My body is flairing and one of the last things on my mind is whether or not he had to pour cereal in a bowl for the kids. OK, after I finally did get moving I made it to the couch where I sat and drank my Decaf and watched Regis and Kelly. Alan Alda was on there and I just love him. He was so funny in MASH. After breakfast we went to the bank and then to my MIL's. Her tree was in desperate need of decorations and my kiddos wanted to be the ones to do it. So the next few hours was spent making MIL's house all Christmassy.

The lights on her tree are awesome....she has Cows with Santa hats. How cute it that! Pretty much everything in her house is cows since she has a Cow farm. LOL

Here is a picture of the tree after all the ornaments and lights were put is so crowded at the bottom because the boys cant reach very high.....but it is pretty anyway.

After we were done decorating (ok, I mainly sat on my butt and watched...Im too stiff and sore to be much help right now) we ate pizza and salad. Then headed to the store to buy a few things my parents wanted during their visit. Thats when I found this wonderful looking pie......Any tastykake lovers out there???? How about an EggNog Pie? I cant wait to eat this after the kids are in bed.

And I have to mention Russ....he is one of Hubbys buddies from work. When I make cookies or other goodies I always try to send some in for him. Well, it all paid off when Hubby brought home some Homemade Chocolate Covered OREOS !!!! He gave me 8 and there is only 1 left.....and it doesnt have long until it is history. (Just because I think I could use a triple chin or something)

So that was my day. I still need to do a few things to get ready for my parents....but it will all be done before bed. Please say a prayer that my parents get here safely. Thanks!!!


Kristina P. said...

Homemade Oreos are the best! And your tree looks great.

I've missed you! Feel better soon!

Deb said...

oh i am sooo excited for you, denise! you are so lucky to have such wonderful parents.

love the cow light decoration.

PLEASE let me know how the egg nog pie tastes.

photo of me is up... on the post before the current one.

i think you are BEAUTIFUL.

Mimi said...

Praying for your parents safe trip & for you to feel better fast!

Kimmy said...

Yummy! I love chocolate covered Oreos!! Especially the minty ones, store bought of!

Love the moo cow lights!! Cows are super duper cute!! Love them! As the milk company out here in California says "Happy cows come from California". Ok, I'm sure that's a bunch of!

Oh, I'm stopping in from Blog Stalkers :o)

Amy said...

Great Tree! Love Oreos! And prayers are said for a safe journey! Enjoy their visit and Tell them I say hello!

Tonya said...

I've always loved Alan Alda too! And I love MASH!

I hope your parents have a great flight! I am sure you can't wait to see them! I'm excited for you! (-:

Eudea-Mamia said...


Tastykakes - ambrosia of the gods. I have yet to find them in North Texas.

I could bathe in their butterscotch krumpets.

Enjoy that pie for the both of us!!


P.S. I'm so sorry about the flair up. Dear Hubby is having some issue right now - stress does it every time.

Pamela said...

Those Oreos look amazing!! Have a great visit with your family.

Threeboys1mommy said...

You're braver than me my friend. My double chin gets stapled back before I take a picture of it ;)

I have never in my life heard of egg nog pie, or homemade Oreos... clearly I've been hanging around with the wrong crowd.

disa said...


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