Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Love in my life

My love for you grew quickly, almost too quickly but regardless it is real as any other love. When we first met I didn't believe promised so much but I have been disappointed before and didn't want to let my guard down. Truthfully, I thought you were too extravagant for my taste. But now I am so glad I took a chance on you and now I am so satisfied....I honestly cannot put into words how happy you have made me.
If my house were on fire I would run back in to get you.....honestly. (Of course I would get my kids out first but your next!)

So now your all wondering what I feel so strongly about? Here it is....

Yes...I'm in love with a hairbrush. My old brush was so worn and melted that it just couldn't help me anymore. Yes, I said melted....from the hairdryer. I was trying to find a replacement but they don't make them anymore. The closest thing I found was this Revlon Silver lined brush. It was expensive and if it hadn't been on sale then I wouldn't have bought it. Anyway, back to the love.....I tried it today for the first time. I used it while drying my hair as usual and it gave me incredible results. It looks like I used a flat kidding. No frizzies, no waves, no nothing....just smooth hair. I would Hug and kiss this brush if I didn't think it would hurt.


Jillene said...

SWEET!! I think I need one of these!!

Eudea-Mamia said...

Oh, I'm so asking for one of those in my stocking!!

Thanks for the rec.


(I'm with you on the handicapped parking thing. I promise I do give the benefit of the doubt! Dear hubby's RA effects his hands and wrists the most when it flairs now, but it started in his feet when first diagnosed. Looking at him, you'd never know.)

Kristina P. said...

I haven't used a brush on my hair in probably 20 years! I use a hair pick.

Denise said...

I only use the brush when I dry my hair...other than that I use a wide tooth comb.

Em...does your Hubby take Enbrel? How much improvement did he get from it? Does he work??

Deb said...

well, well, well... i just happen to be going to target today, anyway. thanks for the tip. i could handle beautiful hair. i think.

Mom said...

Too late for me to try it when we get there. I went and had it all chopped off again. It just reached that point of I can't stand it any longer. I am sure your hair looks adorable.

By the way we are headed for Walmart and i will call you when we get home. Nap time should be over at your house by then.

Tink said...

Ha! What would we do without our hairbrushes, curlers, gels, and sprays?

K and/or K said...

Thanks for the beauty tip. I am such a sucker I will likely get one on the next Target run just to make sure you are honest. Yeah...thats it!

The Mommy said...

I don't know if I'm envious of the brush that you have and I don't.... or the fact that even if I did have it, I'd have no friggen idea of how to blow dry my hair straight. Not to mention that my iron is sucking beyond...well, sucking... :( I'm all frizz and wave and now I want this brush! lol

Congrats on finding it though! :) I want pics of this beautiful flat non frizz hair!

Miranda said...

I definitely need a new brush too. I would love to have less frizzy hair.

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