Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bad Timing

Just a little hint to any and all doctors who may stumble across my little blog. It is NEVER...I repeat NEVER, OK to wish a patient "Happy Birthday" when her legs are in stirrups and your head is lower than the sheet on her knees (if you know what I mean). That was the CREEPIEST thing that ever happen to me, seriously. Two things that I know now....I will never be able to bare all my girlie parts to another doctor without thinking of my Birthday and that I will never think of my Birthday without stirrups...How sad.

On another note....we had a nice time with C last night. We had chicken tacos for dinner and then ice cream cake, yum! You can see how he spent his birthday at his Dad's if you go here, this is C's step mom Tonya's blog. She is really cool and creative. And she takes awesome pictures :D

The pictures I posted are of our Christmas tree and train. We used to buy real trees every Christmas. I love real trees but when J was born we decided it was safer to have a small artifical tree that we could put higher up, so he couldnt pull it down. Now the little tree just works out because of the train table. Hopefully someday we will have a big, giant real tree again.


The Mommy said...

Cute train set up! Do you guys have trains out year round in other parts of the house, or only during the Christmas holidays? I agree with the small tree thing, we did the same before. Now we've gotten our first big real tree!

Amy said...

Love the trains! But I understand about the noise they make.

Deb said...

i can see how your birthday could be irrevocably ruined. but at least you won't ever forget to schedule your pap!

the tree does look beautiful with the train around it. the ornaments look really big and festive.

boxes are out of the attic and sitting in my study. i am making progress.

Jillene said...

Great trains!! We have a small Thomas the Train for under the tree. It is loud but the kids love it. The things we do/put up with for our kids!!

Kristina P. said...

Stirrups just make everything better.

Your house looks so cute!

Mom said...

One of your better blogg's. LOL Now everyone will think of your office visit while up in the stirups.

The tree is beautiful. Can't wait to see it in person.

Love ya,


CaJoh said...

My parents always had an artificial tree and my first tree was a small one when I lived alone. My wife and I have always had a real tree and we like to buy them from the merchants who set up shop in vacant lots to support small businesses.

Tink said...

ROFL! Thanks for the laughs out loud! Love your tree with the train! It's beautiful!

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