Monday, December 22, 2008

105......Go Nancy!!

Good morning!! Welcome to my 105TH post! WooHoo....and to help me celebrate I brought along my mom....She is awesome! She is one of my Best Friends! And this year she is my Christmas present, well, her and my Dad. I am best friends with mom but I have always been a Daddys girl <3 So here is my Mom and her nice and show her some comment love!

Hi ladies, (and men if any are out there). My name is Nancy, (Mom to Denise). She put me on the spot here saying I would guest write. I feel like I know most of you since I read your blogs now too. We finally arrived Saturday night after a very short plane ride thank goodness. I hate flying and it usually takes 5 hours to get here and 5 1/2 hours to get home. We were here in less than 4 hours due to 140 mph hour tailwinds. Not as much turbulence as usual or at least with my meds it didn't seem like it anyway. Thank God for Valium, my little friend. So now we are here and after many hugs and kisses we have finally pried our self away from each other to spend the rest of the visit talking each others ear off. (Nothing new since we do that on the phone daily anyway). Next to my husband, Denise is my best friend in the entire world. I love her like a mom should love a daughter, but I love her more than any other girl friend I ever had. We do tend to get in trouble when we are together. We always have had so much fun and I will tell you one experience that I bet she hasn't thought about in years. We would wait till her dad went to work and then ship her brother off somewhere for the day and the two of us would head down to the shore for the day. This one particular day we hadn't even gotten very far before we got in trouble for the first time of many that day. We got thrown out of a Wawa market. Yep, from there on it was fun and trouble the rest of the day. We laughed so hard I swear we bruised our ribs. We always had a tradition every year of making Christmas cookies to give to our friends and relatives. Well one year we were both feeling pretty good (which was another tradition that went with making our Christmas cookies) and we laughed so hard I can't remember which one of us wet our self first her or me but believe me by the end of the night we both managed to do that and the worst part was we made cookies that we could not give to anyone. I will let her decide if she wants to tell you why but it is one of many many wonderful memories I have of the two of us spending time together. I love living in Arizona because of the weather but I hate living there because she is so far away from me and her dad. I just never did like living back here in the cold and the snow or the heat and the humidity. We told her ALL HER LIFE that when we retired we were moving to Arizona. She hates that we live there but she accepts it thankfully. I guess I better stop now, I could spend all night typing about her and me and some of our experiences, but as much as it would make the two of us laugh and chat more it would probably bore you. Thanks for all being a BIG part of her life. She talks to me non stop about all of you every day. I feel like I know you.
Happy Holiday's. Nancy

Yay Mom! Great job!! Thanks for the post and the memories. XOXOXOXO


angi_b72 said...

Aww how sweet! That brought a tear to my eye!! Memories are so much fun and something that nobody can ever take from you!! Have a merry christmas and enjoy your time together!

Anonymous said...

Your relationship with your mom sounds like mine with my mom. People ask why my sister and I are so outgoing and crazy. We point to our mom and say, "she raised us." Enough said. ;)

Cant Hardly Wait said...

It's so nice to hear that you two have such a strong bond. I am pretty close with my mom, also. Nice job guest writing, Nancy... rock on. =)

Eudea-Mamia said...

So glad you're there safe and sound.

Valium - a lady after my own heart!!

I would say enjoy your stay, but I'm pretty sure you will. How about, stay out of trouble!?


Kristina P. said...
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Kristina P. said...

Oh my goodness! I posted today all about how I hate flying. Several people suggested Valium. I think I might have to go for Nyquil or Tylenol PM.

Glad to hear from you!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

What a sweet post! I hope my daughter and I can be like that.....

Amy said...

Aww!! You two are so lucky to have each other! Makes me miss my mom!

Enjoy the visit and the holidays!

Mimi said...

Nancy, I'm so happy to "meet" you. Denise is a great 'bloggy' friend & she has been SOOO excited to see you.

Enjoy your holiday & God bless!

Tink said...

This is sooo precious! Brought a tear to my eye. What a wonderful tribute to mother and daughter! Thanks for buoying our spirits. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas with your sweet family.

Young Momma said...

Ok Ok I'm laaaate!!! But it's the Holidays, so I'm excused... right? (pout)

Anyway, adorable stories and good post! I say Nancy gets her own blog! :) I also wanna know why Denise wont move to AZ??? ;)

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