Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Clue! A Clue!

J decided to play Blues Clues today. And being the overly-creative child that he is....he couldnt play without real "clues". Which are of course Blue's paw prints. So now I have these beauties on my walls......along with our no Elephant signs. Who needs to spend money to decorate when you have a kid, right??
Oh BTW....I managed to convince my boys that their Moon Sand would be "happier" living in the sand box out back. Yippee!!!


Amy said...

SO cute!! I loved Blue's Clues!! Moon sand belongs in the sand box!

Deb said...

that is so sweet. at least he drew the paw print on something and taped it to the clues instead of just drawing right on them!!

Kristin said...

You are an awesome mommy. Can my boys come and play blues clues with yours?

Jillene said...

Feel lucky that he drew the paw print on paper and not the wall!! And--I love Blue's Clues!!

Blog Stalker said...

So this is the second time I heard mention of this "moon sand" in one day! What is it?

And my kids just mark up the walls themselves, we just try and hide the markers............and crayons and paint....etc. etc. etc.

Have a great day!

Mom said...

I swear he has the biggest imagination of any kid I have ever known. He is just so adorable...

Tell him MomMom Nancy and PopPop Ray are so very proud of him.

Brenda Jean said...

My daughter and I used to do this too! You know what really works well? Post it Notes! She could play for hours. BAHAHAHAHA

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