Friday, February 13, 2009

New blog layout, Visit with Poppop and Days of Grace

First I want to send a HUGE Thank You to Judi at Doodlebug Designs.

Doodlebug Designs
Judi You ROCK! This layout is better than I could have hoped took my ideas and made them better. I wouldnt change a thing....and I would recommend your services to anyone and everyone. So if your looking for a designer to create a new blog....look no further!

Second I need to Thank Titus 2 At The Well which is one of my favorite blogs and where I won my super blog makeover. I can't thank you enough!!

Third...lets talk about Poppop.
We went to visit him this afternoon and he was great. He was having a great mental day and was not confused about anything. I love days like today. It is such a blessing to catch him like he was today. We talked about the boys, about sports, about daily stuff and about Valentines Day. Earlier today J and I made molasses cookies (which are Poppop AND R's favorite cookie) and we took some in to him. We also gave him a Valentines Day balloon that he just LOVED. So he was a very happy man today....which makes me very happy. I love you Poppop!!!

On the way out of the nursing home I saw this sign....which is number one on my Days of Grace list.

2- My new blog....thanks again Judi and At the Well

3- A mailbox full of magazines and no bills.

4- Hubby buying cheesesteaks for dinner so I didnt have to cook.

5- It is almost bedtime (YAY!!!)


Samkay said...

Love the new layout!!! :)

Chelsey said...

This looks INCREDIBLE Denise! :) I'm so glad you won it! :)

Deb said...

okay, i just love poppop. i am so glad you guys had a good visit. he is adorable and you are so good to him.

oh, and i don't think i am ever speaking to you again. your blog is beautiful. i am jealous. you have hit the big time, girl. don't you just love it????? i was worried it wouldn't look like you, but she did a great job keeping the same theme, yet making it look so professional. wow!

GREAT saying on the sign. we need to make that into a button. or get someone else to do it for us!

Kristina P. said...

Your blog looks so awesome now!

Amy said...

Love the new blog! It looks great!!

Joan said...

Very cute layout. Looks Great!

Jennifer said...

Your blog looks great!

Grand Pooba said...

Yes, the new layout is great! Love it!

Young Momma said...

Your blog is freaking ADORABLE!!!

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