Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I called our local township elementary school this morning to find out when Kindergarten registration will be held. We need to sign J up for school! Yay! I also called to see if the rumor I heard was true.....that the school will be starting a 4 year program next year. Boo! Lucky for me that rumor was false. That means I do NOT have to ship both my precious little ones off to school for the first time, in the same year. I will get to have one year home with just R. I had lots of one on one time with C then with J but not with R. This will be my chance and I am super-excited about it. And J is super-excited about starting school. We have to keep explaining that he still has a long wait, even though I know it will be here quicker than I would like it to be.

So anyhoo.....that's my good news. R and I will have a whole year before he has to go to school. I need that and so does he.


Deb said...

that's great news. time flies and little ones grow up so fast... next year will be so fun for the two of you.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

Wow, you're supre on the ball, I didn't start trying to figure out when registration was until May when I saw many other districts posting about it. Ours does registration just under 2 weeks prior to the first day of school because of a ridiculously high turn over rate.

Mom said...

Yeah good news for J, for R and for you. Yeah, Yeah!!!!! The two of you will have so much bonding time and it will be your last year to enjoy kids at home. After that you will have to live your life reading everyone's blog's. LOL

Eudea-Mamia said...

That is great news!

It is so much fun - Oldest started kindergarten this year. It has been wonderful having one-on-one with Youngest. That is when I'm not blogging ;-)

Brenda Jean said...

That's cool. When my sons were 4 and 5, I put the 4 year old in a preschool program when my oldest starting kindergarten. I thought it would be a good thing, but looking back I really wished I'd kept him home. They didn't learn anything I couldn't have taught him and I think that extra year at home would have been good.

Tonya said...

Thats great news!

Our district isn't doing their 3 year old program now, and they are keeping their 4 year old program half day instead of making it a full day! YAY!

We definately weren't doing the 3 year old program...and we haven't thought about the 4 year old program! We have time to figure it out!

Glad it worked out for you!

Denise said...

Hey Denise.
You sound so happy. It really makes me miss my 17year old being little and just starting out.

Great news for you guys!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that you'll have that special year together!

Young Momma said...

How exciting! I'm happy for you!! :)

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