Friday, February 27, 2009

Babies come from.......Mexico?!?

J has a wild imagination. That is actually putting it mildly. He really adds alot of color and excitement to our lives. Today is no exception. This morning he was telling me about stuff he did while he was in Mexico. This puzzled me since he has never been to Mexico....and neither have I. I explained to him that he must be mistaken because he in fact has NEVER been to Mexico. The look on his face showed it all.....he looked at me with pity, because he obviously knew MORE than me. He explained that he lived in Mexico with God before Daddy and me decided we wanted to little boy. Hmmmmmm.....really?! I told him that no, he had come from my belly and we brought him home from the hospital (which was not even CLOSE to Mexico). He said "No way....nobody can grow inside another would they get there?" I told him that God puts babies in mommies bellies, and that God can do anything.
He said "NO, I came from Mexico."

I am worried what kind of stories he will be telling next year when he starts kindergarten. I'm looking forward to lots of calls from the teacher. Wish me luck.


Eudea-Mamia said...


Maybe he's an old soul? I'm fairly certain my Youngest is. Love it.

Deb said...

now that's an explanation i haven't heard! i love it!

Rebecca Jo said...

that is hilarious!!! Maybe he remembers being all warm & cozy!! A nice beach or a comfy belly - all the same! Just call your abs "Mexico" now!! :-)

Amy said...

So Cute!! What an imagination!! Oh! The school now has this wonferul thing called EMAIL! J's teacher emails me on an almost daily basis!! lol

He will be fine in school. Remember the K-teacher has been there for over 30 years! She has probably heard it ALL!

Missy said...

Mexico is better than Mars!

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