Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My day in Pictures

Today has been great. Really, really great. I have been taking some pictures off and on today and wanted to share everything that has happened up to now. We started with some Valentines art. I cut hearts out of empty cereal boxes and let the boys paint them how ever they wanted. I even painted one (betcha cant guess which one I did, lol)

Then after lunch the boys went outside to play while I cleaned the kitchen and made a chocolate cake.

They played in the sandbox, rode tricycles, helped Daddy pick up sticks and leaves, colored the driveway with chalk, ran races and played hide and seek. Now they are both zoned out in front of the tv. I think they might be a little tired. Woo hoo. Now I am patiently waiting for C to get here. He is coming for dinner and to spend a few moments with us. Yay! Can today get any better?!?

This picture has nothing to do with was actually from last night's dinner. I am only posting it here to make fun of my parents who live so far away that they cannot buy Scrapple. And they miss I ate some for me and them. YUM!!!


Deb said...

it's a great day to be outside here, too.

i love their sunglasses. very cute. i mean cool! my boys would always get so mad if i called something of theirs cute. COOL!

Kristina P. said...

What a good day!

Missy said...

Love the hearts! It is such a sweet time of the year!

Amy said...

Wonderful day! The kids are going to adjust to outside time!

The hearts are beautiful.

I LOVE scrapple!

TreasuringChrist said...

Hi Denise, Natasha and I want to welcome you to our blog, Treasuring Christ in Our Eating. We've become a follower of yours as well ; ) You have some cute boys there! One question, though. What is Scrapple?

Young Momma said...

Fun! I like the hearts!! :)

I can't reply to your comments through e-mail! :( The brownies DO come out all fudgy!!! You must try it! :)

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