Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Tribute

Good morning Bloggy Friends....today I am shining the Tuesday Tribute spotlight on all of you. Yep. Its all good.
Six months ago my world was small. I had no idea of the fullfilling world of blogging. But as much as my housework has suffered, my mental state and happiness has flourished. And it is all because of you. You have supported me in tough times, you have laughed with me (and probably AT me too) and you have prayed for me. In these short few months that I have known you guys, you have shown me lots of love and comment affection. I do my best to repay all that love and attention, but even when I get busy with life....you still hang in there with me. You forgive me when I miss a few days of reading or commenting. So here's to you bloggy buddies! Today is ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!


Amy said...

Aww!! Thanks! I like pats on the back!! {{HUGS}}

CaJoh said...

Such a pleasure being one of your Bloggy Friends.

Thank you,

Mom said...

That is so nice of you to do for you bloggy friends. i am sure each and every one of them know what a kind warm hearted loving person you are. I personally have seen such a change in you since you started doing this and it is all a good change. Who cares about the housework, that is always going to be there no matter how much you do. These friends you have made are very important to you and I am sure you are as important to them as well.

Great Tuesday Tribute.

Jillene said...

First--LOVE the new blog layout!! It looks AMAZING!!

Second--you are such a sweetheart!! I have missed you and your blog. I think that I am slowly coming back....hopefully!! Have a great day Denise!!

Sheri and George said...

Thanks for the blog love.
My housework suffers too but who cares? Look at all the wonderful people you get to meet thru blogging and we can't see your house so it doesn't matter.
Throwing the blog love right back at you.

Kristina P. said...

You bring such a sweet spirit to the blogging world. I always look forward to your blogs.

Julie said...

Nice tribute...this is my fist time here, so it wasn't directed at me...but that's okay. :)

Cute blog!

Anonymous said...

That is so kind of you!! i love you blog!!! and you! you sis in

Tink said...

Cute! I agree, bloggers are forgiving and blogging is mentally rewarding! Thank YOU.

Young Momma said...

Woohoo! :) (((hugs))) Thanx ya!

Deb said...

you're mom is just so cute and sweet. i love reading her comments to you. i see where you get your big heart!

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