Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Tribute....My Dentist

Today is the day to shine the light on someone, other than myself. And right now I feel the need to shine it on my dentist. I HATE going to the dentist. Wait.....that isnt right. Im SCARED of the dentist. Scary, horrible stuff happens at the dentist. And this afternoon I have one of those scary, horrible appointments. But after my last visit my dentist offered a prescription to calm me down. Apparently he didnt enjoy me shaking so much that the chair was rocking. Anyhoo....I filled my prescription to get ready for todays visit and to my surprise he gave me 5mg Xanax pills. And told me to take 2 the night before, and 2 an hour before my visit (with more if I needed them). Wow! That is a heck of alot of Xanax. Yay! Maybe I wont shake out of fear when I go today.
Dr. Bell......you Rock!


Deb said...

my dentist gives me drugs, too! why didn't they do that years ago??? ugh... the sounds, the smells, the pokes and scrapes... ok, i'll stop now. i am sure i am not helping things.

and if you have already taken those little pills... how many fingers am i holding up?

Young Momma said...

I shake that way too! lol My doc doesn't give me pills...but... that could be because I haven't been to the dentist in WAY too long. (have i mentioned that i'm a (non working) certified dental assistant??)

I hope the appointment goes well!

Amy said...

Hope everything goes well! Stay off the carts in Walmart on the way home!! lol

Rebecca Jo said...

yes!! A dentist calms you with drugs... gotta love that!

Simply_Pam said...

A dentist that hands out Xanax is more scary then the work he does. Be careful in taking that drug. It it one of the leading reasons I have a job in the detox unit of a drug rehab..

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