Thursday, October 29, 2009

Take Your Best Shot - Book Review


I spent last night reading a new book. It is written by a teenager, for teenagers but it also has plenty of insight and inspiration for adults. The title is "Take your Best Shot" and it was written by Austin Gutwein along with Todd Hillard. The way that this young man uses his own life, experiences, and his faith to touch others is amazing. After watching a short program about African Orphans, he was led to help raise money. He took his love of Basketball and used it to raise that money. First to help a few orphans, then he recruited more and more people until eventually they were able to build a school in Africa. The program he created is called Hoops of Hope and each year on World AIDS day, Austin along with thousands of other participants shoot hoops after receiving pledges for donations. The need for teamwork is stressed and Austin constantly reinforces that he is just a "regular" kid who could only have achieved this success with a great team of helpers and most importantly with God. God put a burden on his heart, and God supplied everything he needed to accomplish great things. I think that anyone reading this book will be touched and will HAVE to think about how they can help others. Whether they help at home or across the world, it doesn't matter.

I do believe that many teens today think more about themselves and less about helping others. Hopefully with books like this one, more and more teens will realize that they CAN and Should get out there and help in every way possible. Adults, me included, tend to think that teens aren't able to do big things and we don't give them the opportunities they need. But Austin tells them to go ahead and do it anyway. Don't listen to the negative, be positive and do positive things. I think Austin was blessed with an awesome gift. No, I think he was blessed with several gifts. He has a strong faith, strong will, he is a great "cheer-leader" because he encourages everyone and makes them feel like they can accomplish great things.

Is there a teen in your life? This book would make a great Birthday or Christmas present. To preview or buy this HERE.

I want to thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for providing me with this book to review. They have a great program for bloggers who love to read. If you are interested, click HERE.


Mom said...

It sounds like quite a good book Denise. I can't buy it right now because it would be something else I would have to pack and move the end of Feb. My luck I would mess up and put it in the pile of books I am selling for a quarter. I will keep a note and think about buying it after we move in our house the end of April. Thanks for sharing all about this enspiring new book.

kys said...

Sounds good!

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