Thursday, October 1, 2009

I hate nightwork.....or maybe not

When Hubby works night work a part of my brain goes into hyperdrive. This means that no matter how hard I try I cannot sleep. I can be exhausted and still be unable to fall asleep. Why? I don't know. I wish I did. Maybe I'm afraid to be home "alone"....but I don't believe that. I don't feel scared. And I LIVED alone for years and slept just fine. So I don't think that is the answer. Am I worried about him being at work? No, not any more than if he was on any other shift. So that leaves one more option.....this is the only shift when I get real ME time. The boys are in bed, the house is quiet. I can watch what I want. I can read if I want without distractions. I can stay on the computer as long as I want. Selfish, maybe. But I can't help that part of my brain that wont relax enough for me to sleep. It wants me to milk every second I can to get done all the things I can't do when Hubby is working other shifts or when the boys are awake. So that's that. I hate night work because I would much rather have Hubby home at night to cuddle with. But I don't hate it because I get a slight sense of freedom.

How do you experience your moments of freedom?


Deb said...

hello!!!!!!! i am here! i have been working on a magazine fundraiser for school and it has exhausted me to the point where i don't really enjoy the little free time i have been getting these last weeks. i just zone out and do nothing.

but to answer your question, i always catch up on the shows no one else likes to watch... all the girlie stuff.

hope you're doing well and have completely recovered from surgery!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Hi, hope that you are doing well and are feeling better!
I'm usually on my own at nights, but I don't mind it now, I just slob out with my computer and catch up with all my on-line friends!
This is far from an easy task, as there is so many blogs I love to read...and now I have to choose 15 to give awards too! Now this could take all week-end, as I have so many favourites!

M-Cat said...

My freedom is when I go to St George for work every other month. Just enough days alone to have a sense of my own self, by myself, but not too long that I get homesick : )

Amy said...

I usually vegge out in front of the TV with movies and shows (Weeds!) that are not kid appropriate. I also try to schedule some time with my friends, dinner out at Cafe Aldo Lambertis or a pampering session for my nails!

Mimi said...

My free time is blogging & especially reading.

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